slogans meaning what the slogan says.

Defund the Police means exactly what it says. Defund them. Spend that money to prevent crime. I dunno why you keep choking on this slogan.

They have become a racist lynch mob and need to be rebuilt from the bottom up.

Y'hear about them white kids shooting at officers for over two hours with a shotgun and an AK47?

One was wounded, the other was taken peacefully.

Real guns, not toys. Two hours. Not ten seconds. Kids taken alive.

White kids.

No rain of bullets. No SWAT team, no armored vehicles. Just some brave officers showing restraint. The kid was walking toward them firing a shotgun and saying she was going to kill them. Sounded like the officer felt really bad about having to return fire.

It should always be this way, not just for white kids. Defund them.

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