Was Trump responsible for the big switch after 4 election cycles from Republican to going huge for the Democrats in 2018 and 2020?

Most likely. He was definitely responsible for most of the political turmoil between 2016 and 2020, he sucked the air from every issue and made it about himself. Just like your average republican.

You maintain that a single slogan, not uttered by a single democrat was responsible for a loss of 13 seats in congress, yet Nazi symbols, Confederate flags, violent insurrections, racism, bigotry and myscogyny never effected the outcome of any of their elections.

Yet any Democrat who voices any dissent needs to shut up and let the real Democrats handle everything?

The non voting public seems to hear only bad things about Dems while discounting all republican foibles as lone wolf or false flag operations.

But something got them off the couch and it wasn't the bold stand Democrats made while Trump was in office. They sat back and did nothing...

Republicans never had to fight against the filibuster because Democrats laid down like PIA thinks Palestinians should lay down. Democrats are done for the next two years because everything will run up against the filibuster and they haven't got the balls to get rid of it.

Because they answer to the same master.

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