I am confused. We have all been watching the Trump folks going at it. Seems that they have abandoned the constitution, attacked the congress physically, and some have, as far as I can tell, qualified as terrorists.

All of that being said none of them, except for those who have rioted, have been called out. There are, for instance, in the Congress of the United States actually members who have ignored the constitution with, apparently, some kind of immunity as they do it with some regularity.

On top of that we have a retired, self admitted criminal, who has been called a traitor to the nation, by a sitting judge who has now said that we should have a military takeover, just like Miramar!

So, the president has said our system is in serious jeopardy. We have heard the same, on TV, by any number of talking heads as well as many politicians both sitting and retired. If this is really the case then why in the world has not our government done something about it? It seems to be that they can't save themselves, nor our system of government. It just keep on happening, its getting worse and worse and, obviously, nobody is going to do a damned thing!

I can guarantee you that should a problem arise and the other side is in charge they will act swiftly to take care of business and everybody gets to get shot or goto prison.

So, I am curious - anybody have any thoughts on this one?