Hmm, I never really thought about getting people to the polls. Just coming up with a winning strategy. It doesn't both me if 40%, 50% or 60% of the people vote, what does is getting the side I want to win getting 51% of the vote and winning the election.

Yeah, I'm one who will vote one way one election and then the other the next. But I could be scurrying back to the GOP as much as scurrying back to the Democrats, That I think applies to all swing voters. What I've seen regardless of turnout, is when independents get angry at the party in power, that party in power pays a price, it loses elections.

1994 independents got made at the Democrats, the Republicans picked up 54 seats. In 2006 and 2008, independents were mad at the Republicans, the democrats gained 33 seats in 2006 and another 23 seats in 2008 along with electing Obama. Then independents got very angry at the Democrats which gave the House back to the GOP with a 63 seat loss for the Democrats. In 2018, it was Republicans independents were angry at resulting in a 44 seat pickup by the democrats and control of the house.

Another way to put it, the years mentioned above, the party in power took independents out of their comfort zone. The party in power did something to make them angry.

Perhaps the moral of the story is don't make us swing voters angry if you're the party in power. If you do, out you go. No scurrying back to any one party or the other. It's more about getting rid of the folks you're angry at.

If Biden and the Democratic congress keep from making independents, swing voters angry at them, they'll stay in power in 2022, 2024 and beyond until the Democrats do make swing voters angry at them and then out they go.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.