I agree with that! I find all this law stuff just confusing. We have a group of people determined to destroy the government and replace it with somebody who will wreck any freedoms we might have. This is ongoing, reported daily, yet nothing seems to happen. They are, however, going after the rioters and, perhaps, that might be a start. Its the mouths that are the problem and I have no idea how to do something about that even though there is that old rule; You can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater to create panic. Our current group, of about 30%, is in panic, I think.

Its just strange. We have people literally trying to destroy our nation and getting away with it!

I actually not even sure, or understand, a lot of what Biden is doing. He hasn't, as you say, cleaned out the Justice Department and a lot of other agencies that got infiltrated bigtime. He is dancing with Repubicans in an effort to get stuff done whilst the Republicans have said, right out loud, that is simply not going to happen. His edge is, I think, simply too think. My own thought is that he should do everything he can to assure a win in 2022 and THEN have at it!

Of course that means imbuing some sort of discipline in the Democratic party and fix their messaging problems. Don't see that happening either. I have also noticed that he is starting to age.

Its interesting. Seem a lot of our problems have to do with a variety of mouths working hard to screw it up. One would think there are rules?