When I started reading the above I began thinking about how we have pretty much turned over how we 'help' the insane is to send them to prison due to our shutdown of facilities to do that.

Now we are also on a kindofa semi-shutdown of prisons themselves. I think this has something to do with the nations of northern Europe literally shutting down their prison (and then maybe not). In any case there are a lot of crazies out on their own. Last week we had a guy goto a gas pump and start distributing gas onto the ground, other cars, etc. and then shouting that he was going to blow everybody up! Then he changed his mind, went over to the casino and started literally attacking anybody he could get to until they finally got him stopped. He then went to court where he mumbled everything, had no idea where he was or what for which may or may not have been a law. The the paper noted that he had been charged, in court, something like 8 times in the last year but he skated everytime. I have no idea what they did with him this time but, I suspect, he is on his way to a little private room in a prison where he never gets out of.

Oh, a good thing. I have noted that school systems, up here, are using federal money to make sure that every school has a councilor and a nurse. Seems that those two positions, up here, have been abandoned (I had no idea). This might, in the end, help too.

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