Since I was so immuno-compromised by my MS drug back in 2019, my neurologist told me to stop taking it or I might die. I got my two Moderna vaccines finishing the second about three months ago, so I thought it prudent to check and see if my immune system had recovered enough for the vaccines to be effective. I asked my GP doc to order tests for Covid antibodies and a detailed test of my lymphocytes. My lymphocyte test came back and said my CD4 T-cells were still about 25% lower than the low end of the normal range. More worrying, my Covid antibody test came back negative.

There are two Covid antibody tests: The nucleocapsid antibody test will only give you positive results if you had the virus. The spike test will give you positive results if you had the virus or had a vaccine. So I asked my doc if that was a nucleocapsid test. He replied (a few days later) that he didn't know, but it was strange and he could get me a third vaccination. I then asked his staff to call their lab and ask them. A few days later they said the lab told them "There is no way to know.", which is obviously BS.

So rather than screw around with them, I went to Quest Diagnostics and got my own spike antibody test for $75. Two days later I had my results: I had such a high level of Covid spike antibodies it was over 20 times what they would report as a positive response!

I let my doc know their test was nucleocapsid and if he had any immunocompromised patients who wanted to check their vaccine response, the Quest test was quite reasonable. He just sent me a note saying he just found that out talking with another physician, and sorry for the confusion. Dr. Griffon on TWIV noted the other day that the FDA is still recommending nobody test their vaccine response, but he also said a lot of doctors are ignoring that!

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