In the past couple of weeks several pro-Trump supporters who are intimately involved in the Maricopa spectacle, have suggested they are really doing is finding the evidence to present to the BIG LIE Trump supporters the possibility Biden actually won. Bennett one of the hard core Trump acolytes has suggested he can convince 90% of the BIG LIE true believers Biden won.

Are these guys offering a preview of insider information? I think so. No matter how many ballots were disallowed, they still could not get Trump over the finish line. There are no Chinese ballots ... no secret watermarked ballots .... no dead people voting ...

This of course does not deter Bennett from deriving his own conclusions independent of the actual numbers. So Biden won but there is every reason to believe the voting process could have been compromised. The BIG LIE lives on!!!

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty