Giving money to the Dems is like flushing it down the toilet. They continue to run their mouths and destroy their chances at getting the independents. Their message is also trash and is not a single message but multiple messages, some of which don't seem to make any more sense than Republican claims.

Without getting some discipline and common messages they will fail. If they don't start to actually attack the Republicans, at a very basic level they will fail. Its as if they want to lose so they can whine! I am, incidentally not alone on this one.

Its really necessary for them to just stop it, grow a pair, and actually go after the Republicans on their lies, their semi-authoritarian crap, their racist stances, and their legislation. Up here we hear nothing about that. Instead its all, pretty much, about themselves!

Then throw in the simple fact that Biden has big plans but no way to actually pass legislation to get it done. Instead he believes, apparently, that the Dems and the Republicans will gather together, sing a little song, and then agree on everything. He can shove some of his stuff through but still can't pay for it. His apparent solution is to goto Europe and be a star. Then, to top it all off the, progressive wing of the dems, are upset that he Hasn't produced any legislation are are starting to yell a lot.

Its getting flat out strange!