I think one should take a look at the ACA and how the filibuster saved it in Trump's first year. His repeal attempt was denied.

I would wager everyone has forgotten that.

By golly you're right! Democrats HAVE used the filibuster to block popular Republican legislation! I knew that, given time you could come up with an example!

Republicans NEED the filibuster. Democrats don't. Very simply because there is NO popular Republican legislation that needs to be blocked. The party is bereft of any actual policies beyond power and greed. They only exist to prevent government from doing anything besides funneling money into the pockets of the wealthy. They don't write legislation...certainly not popular legislation...they seek only to remove laws, regulation, and popular legislation put in place by Democrats.

Democrats at least PRETEND to care about the hundreds of millions of workers who depend on them to survive. They at least WRITE legislation aimed at helping the 90% working their asses off to keep the rest atop their mounds of gold.

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