You seem to be dedicated to whining about 'money'. Money is no less an act of faith than religion and, these days money seems to be the faith of the majority. You may not like it or even believe in it and it makes absolutely no difference. I am not sure what you battle really is about but I wish you luck. All you have to do is to find a replacement. Oh, wait a minute! There is one! Ebucks! Wonderful deal! Freely admitted faith money! Its even better than ours as ours is, basically, backed by the economy which, in turn, is money which means it continues to work. I actually bought some, a very long time ago, and then lost them when I switched a computer and its now in smoke or I would be rich! (based on absolutely NOTHING!)

I remember when we dumped the gold standard. The main thing, then, was there was simply not enough gold, in the entire world, to cover our money! I could get into the weeds in this one but I won't because its a bit insane. Our dollars, for instance, actually represent a worldwide faith in America (whether you like that or not). the UK once had that position but got replaced. I could go into the why's of it all but why bother. Its mind bending just as religion is. Oh, remember, "Faith can move mountains!"

Its probably best, when dealing with money or religion, to just let it lay because you can't win!