You got that one flat out! I have yet to hear a single Democrat just go after the Republican lies! Not a one. If they are to win the next election, including state positions, then they are going to have to get personal and mean. The apparent civilized behavior of the the Dems only, as far as I can see, bored their own supporters. The Republicans are now the party of small contributions and the Dems are the party of big. This is, I think, a complete change in support and it also means that the Dems don't have all that many voters who are supporting them. They gotta take care of that one to win elections! Again, I am not convinced any of them actually want to win. If they don't then we are going to get gifted with loons dedicated to a different reality! Its nice to admire Alice in Wonderland but ITS NOT REAL! (and their reality is actually a LOT different, even, from Alice in Wonderland because the Republican goal is to scare the crap out of everybody)