I remain confused. Why, for instance, is it such a big deal to get rid of the filibuster? If you are the majority then you can just get rid of it and carry on. It seems that easy! its true regardless of party - if they are a majority then they can do what they damn well please and that's exactly the way it is! The only thing it seems to be good for is shutting up the opposing party. Both parties have done this. The party not in power gets to whine how unfair it is and the other forges ahead. The only difference between the two parties is that the Republicans use it and the Dems, in their infinite wisdom, thinks is an incredibly evil thing and only done under extreme situations. I don't even know what 'extreme' means! The Republicans, for instance, started a couple of years ago simply not passing ANY legislation! This isn't really surprising given they no longer have any beliefs or planks. its not that they have some and they are ignoring them, they simply don't have any!

On the other hand the Dems seem to have all kinds of legislation to pass but don't want to upset anybody so their legislation dies on a regular basis. This makes approximately the same amount of sense as the Republican no legislation thing. It also means that we now have two political parties who, for reasons unknown, can't pass any legislation!

Since the Dems currently have a one member majority in congress they are in charge, according to the constitution (which the Republicans seem to be determined to ignore). So, the Dems are a party with many messages, many of which tend to offend those in the center and even the majority of the Dems sometimes. They also have many pieces of legislation. Even that gets interesting. The Dems have one piece, which is to fix voting in America. Its ONLY. It is 800 pages long! I doubt if ANYBODY has actually read the entire thing. I tried and gave up on the second page! If I were a member of the senate, in either party, I would vote against it just for that reason alone! Here is what th NYT thinks about it: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/30/us/politics/voting-rights-law.html
The Dems have other pieces, some of which have even more than 800 pages, some with less (but not much).
The Dems have simply lost their mind I fear. In the case of their "for the people" thing they have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it. I suspect that they couldn't even get their own people to all vote for it.

800 PAGES!