I have been wondering. I wonder if it would be possible to restrict lying on TV. WE own the wavelengths and I think that them that broadcast on TV can be controlled. So, making a rule that said something to the effect that lies that are flat out lies shouldn't. I know, right to say anything. So, how about forcing them that lie to have a running stream, at the bottom simply saying "lies, lies, lies, lies"? They get to run their mouths and the state can force them to state what they are doing? How about forcing TV stations, all of them, to do that?

If they are on the news, if they are claiming to be telling the truth, etc. nail 'em! We, for instance, see somebody on TV talking about losing a brother, husband, etc. to Covid because they believed in what some idiot said. One would think that the ambulance chasers would be on that one like stink on sh*t?

There's gotta be a way!