It's always my opponent is the worst scumbag on earth.
So I shouldn't have pointed out the worst scumbag on earth in the 2016 election was elected and that should not have been mentioned in 2020? That same worst scumbag on earth whined the election was rigged in 2020 and that is not worth mentioning.

I mean the job is all about character, and when your opponent has no character ... has no integrity .... has no visible redeeming qualities, you think that should not be mentioned in passing???

But then ... his supporters don't care if he is the worst scumbag on earth and was willing to sell America to the low bidder. I think it says far more about the substance of Americans than any passing comment about scumbags.

I think we are frakked and Republicans can't hurry fast enough to regain power so they can complete the job of destroying America.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty