I was referring to a bunch of Hispanics who did not support the Democratic candidates because they thought that they would take away their jobs! that could only have happened if those candidates were completely clueless about those they wanted to vote for them. There is one sure way to lose voters and that is to threaten their jobs and the Dems, apparently, did that!

If you threaten jobs then all the promises of all the good things you are going to give them just goes up in smoke. Somebody might point that out to the Dems. I have tried and been duly ignored. I remembered when, in 2016 my wife was working for the Dems. She asked them for a sign to put on her lawn and they wanted 35.00 for the sign. She quite working for the Dems. The town was loaded with Trump signs - there were no Hillary signs. Hillary lost.

One has to think that the Dems spend a lot of time figuring out clever ways to lose.