Not my job, I'm not a partisan one way or the other.

So when you presented the stats with the claim, which shows both sides equally think/feel/emote the other side is destroying America, I have to infer you concluded that means neither side is trying to destroy America, and it is all baloney. Double yikes!!!!

My question to you was as a teacher to a student, you being a student of politics, to support your conclusion with a factual analysis.

What I find sad is that so many view their political opponents as enemies.
I suppose as I read the DoI you would have concluded George III was not the enemy but some misunderstood royal.

It's real ... it's happening now ... and it's not about my feelings ... it's about policies and their effect on the institutions of democracy. You can stand by with a page full of stats which claim there would be no insurrection or listen to people who waiting for the storm. They are THE BASE, and they have extorted elected officials into doing their will, which is not to maintain democracy but destroy and place Mr Trump at the helm of the New America.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty