as long as Trump is the head or the face of the GOP, the fragile coalition of the majority of independents with the Democratic Party bodes well for retention of congress. As long as the Republican Party is devoid of fresh, new ideas, new solutions to our problems, a coherent vision of the future.

For Republicans getting rid of all Democratic officeholders is the solution to all problems. Once they have control, they do nothing. No ideas, no solutions. Without Democrats, there are NO problems that can't be dealt with locally. The only job of government is defense. From enemies foreign and domestic.

Democrats are the primary domestic enemy. They are a collection of queers, socialists, and colored people. Weak on defense and soft on crime.

I suppose Democrats feel much the same about Republicans.

Republicans are the obstacle. The only thing preventing them from solving all problems.

And yet...once in power, they don't solve problems.

...All that hype and hollow empty useless promises about; if we vote dem they'll get things done. So a lot of us did vote dem, and just like we knew all along, they won't ever do s***.
They want the gop to run everything, hence the never ending whine of bipartisanship by the useless.

That's just a little rumble of independent discontent I picked up on Facebook this morning. Like Lucy and the football...that's why they sit home at midterms.

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