I'm not ready to give Trump credit for establishing anything that could be called "Trumpism"
I somehow sense we are not meaning the same thing, while using the same words.

For me Trumpism is not an ideology, or set of principles. What I mean is just as the Republican platform stated, "whatever Mr Trump said". Trumpism is the voice of all those aggrieved, sociological dissonance, who live in a rage they have been left behind (and I believe they have been) who represent a group of people who delusionally believe the world should be as they want it to be, and can not adapt to what it really is. Mr Trump represents (only because he is a consummate media master, who recognizes which people will heap praise on him) the bigotry and racism of a lost Southern culture and religious fundamentalists who believe only their brand of religion should be the basis of America.
I see as the only tenets of Trumpism is an effort to assuage the rage and bigotry, whatever they may be. This is done solely to "earn" praise from these poor ignorant people.

This has no resemblance to political ideology.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty