Per Zillow, Apt 910 which closed escrow on 06/17/21 (not 05/17/2 as previously noted), the monthly HOA is $876 per unit. Not sure how many units there were in the building. Hmm But, if the monthly total did run $1M a year, that is only for general maintenace (pool upkeep, grounds upkeep, keeping the building looking fresh and crisp.) For major repairs that would be a "special assessment" which is a separate bill from the monthly HOA dues.

From what I read, as a result of the 2018 Engineering Report, each unit was facing $200K to make the needed major repairs to address the concerns of the 2018 report.

This morning on NPR, the guy who wrote the "inspect once every 40 years" regulation was interviewed. NPR asked him, why do you think once every 40 years is acceptable? The guy said, that was for a major once-overw and that buiilding ownews would of course, maintain their buidlings more often than once every 40 years.


Puh-leeze!!!!! crazy Cheap and chintzy building owners in red states are not going to do more than what is required. Is this guy serious?!? rolleyes

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