Matters on our construction contact payment dispute are evolving. The bank has made an offer to settle that we have accepted - I guess they didn’t want a public loss and a another potential class action suit for stealing fees from their clients (by not providing services that they took money for, and lying about it). Our nemesis should have sued them for that - she could have shifted much of the blame for her bad faith actions onto the bank. Instead, she chose to take their side, and now they have left her alone on Defendant’s Island.

We expect an offer of settlement from our opponent’s insurance company soon (prior to the scheduled arbitration hearing in a couple of weeks) relative to the covered claims of conversion, trespass, and defamation, for which we have solid cases.

We don’t expect the Trumpish woman who caused all of this to capitulate, though. The remaining claims of breach and wrongful termination of contract, and quantum meruit (I know about a dozen Latin words now!) will likely be decided by the arbitrator along with amounts for damages and hopefully legal costs.

Assuming we prevail, our next hobby will be trying to collect…

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To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
R. Buckminster Fuller