....and speaking of running the mouth like a middle school girl, Eric Trump was on Fox News whining about the "politicalized effort" to hurt the Trump Organization.

Eric accused the Manhattan's DA office of "focusing on $3.5 million to take down a political opponent" as he insisted "crime 'is rampant" and people are leaving "dirty" and "disgusting" New York City "in record numbers.'"

Eric even went a step further by weighing in on the alleged scheme the company is accused of. He dismissed the allegations describing the alleged kickbacks as nothing more than "employment perks." But that's conceding exactly the point at issue: The Manhattan DA argues that the Trump Organization paid Weisselberg using these "perks" - such as renting him an apartment in New York City and leases on Mercedes Benz one for Weisselberg and one for his wife - to compensate him and avoid paying taxes. That's a crime, and calling the non-salary benefits "employment perks" doesn't reduce culpability. Eric simply confirmed the prosecutors' account of events.


Doug Thompson once wrote of a politico as "having diarrhea of the mouth." The same can be said of this inept Trump Org nepotism hire, Eric Trump.


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