and yet, none of the polling says anything about the title of the thread i.e. disintegration of Trumpism.

Just read the comments of a blurb about Trump making {{{{{BIGGLY}}}}} announcement on 1st amendment rights. These folks type as if everyone sees the truth and validity of what they say. Here is a news flash .... no Trump supporter cares what anyone who is anti-Trump says. It is pure delusion for people, including pundits of any persuasion, to say anything as if everyone gets it.

Some 50M people believe the election was stolen. A big % of those believe Trump is still the actual real president who is simply not living in the WH. Folks we have delusional people on both sides who would pay $18k for an imaginary sculpture, and talk about what a fine piece it is.

P ... none of the polling reflects that delusion. We live in dangerous times for our Democracy.

News flash .... sovereign citizens in stand-off in MA. The crazies are everywhere and Trump exacerbated the situation.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty