I'm not an analyst
so how do you form an opinion to make a choice on whom you are voting??? Let me help you .... you analyze, ergo you are an analyst.

Please note when I asked for "your" definition of "destroy America" it was not you personally. I used it as a starting point. In mathematics we would say start with the definitions i.e. make sure everyone is on the same page.

I don't like the party machinery either, so I am also an independent, but am a liberal with emphasis on equality and justice for all.

I think you over rate negative ads and especially try to equate Democrat ads which describe objectionable behavior of beliefs as negative the same as the slime we see from Republicans i.,e. he has a black baby out of wedlock. So for you white supremacy is simply a nasty negative ad. For me it tells me everything I need to know about a candidate. So for you when Re Gosar hangs out with white supremacists and fund raise off of them, you don't think it means anything about Rep Gosar, since there is no substantive issue mentioned in ad .... at least that is my conclusion of what you have typed. To me knowing he hangs with the supremacists is a substantive issue.

So are you going to be an analyst or continue to regurgitate polls?

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty