Trump is being investigated by a bunch of feds for this and that and they continue to move through the system. then there is New York state and, I suspect, Washington, DC as well. I suspect, by the end of the year, there will be several in the news as well as what is going on that we do know about. Now add in all the people who have not been paid. Those too are in the works. Then there are all the women with complaints against him as well. How add in that, eventually, he is going to be forced to testify. Up to now his attorneys have kept him from doing that because he lies without thinking. But, eventually he will testify and he will lie and he that too is gonna get interesting.

The simple fact is that everything that man touches tends to turn to crap (there is a better word but, forbidden, I think). He is a fine example of an American businessman who has failed at virtually anything he has been in charge of. When New York is through with him he will have lost the last business of his that has survived. He also has to pay his attorneys. Many of the good ones won't even work for him and those that are working for him right now are having payment problems I am told. Its actually crazy. I remember when he said he was the master of debt and the solution was not to pay them.

I know, wishful thinking rarely works. In the case of Trump, however, I have hope as the man is a recognized rotter in all things, and he has skated for years but there is a growing pile of folks out to get him for any number of reasons, and a lot of them already have suits in the works and there are more coming.