It would appear AZ Senate president has requested yet another count. So as the {{{{{CYBER NINJAS}}}}} completes their "audit" and "vote count", another company will conduct a "ballot count".

I have concluded (didn't I predict they couldn't disallow enough votes to get Trump the winner???? yes I did) this means as I predicted they couldn't disallow enough votes. So now the strategy is to recount the ballots. And when that fails to get Trump busting through the winners tape, they will do it again. And to place this in some context, the ballots have lost their integrity. They have been tainted by 3rd party non-government entities and have now been exposed to people, news crews etc who have no certification to come in contact with ballots. Now when this fails, they will fall back to new laws which will allow partisan hacks the ability to overthrow elections at their whim.

If anyone does not see this as the end of democracy .... take your blinders off!!!!!

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty