I watched the original folks who handled the votes and ballots. Seems that the cyber ninja folks seems to have lost ballots and they have no idea where they might have gone. Perhaps this is a two stage affair where one group screws it all up and then the next group claims that was a problem that the original folks did and not the ninja group.

Given the fantasy land the Republicans are creating for themselves, by the time they finish up nobody will know if they are on foot or horseback. Instead its everybody else's fault and the Republicans are simply trying to fix the problems that they discovered! Since they seem to have lost the ballots there is no way to prove them wrong.

What I don't understand is why in the world the constitution was not followed and the ballots kept in the care of those originally defined as the ones to maintain the security of the ballots. Instead it seems that the state Republicans can do whatever they damned well please and then blame the blameless (and actually get away with that!)