Some people thought Rudy would suffer no consequences for his illegal lawyering...
Certainly not me. Giuliani was set up to be thrown under the bus. A human, legal shield.

Up until Trump's personal attorney and "fixer" Cohen was arrested, his records, phones and computers seized, and who immediately flipped on Trump and spilled his guts, I also thought Trump would eventually be arrested.

Donald Trump committed no crimes to warrant indictment or arrest.
Unlike Al Capone, he wasn't suspected of nefarious crimes like bootlegging and murder.

Rich guys all cheat on taxes. Poor guys all cheat on taxes. Middle income guys cheat on taxes too. And yet(surprisingly...?) the jails are not full of tax cheats.

Oddly, they're full of working stiffs who consumed or sold illegal substances. People with mental illness who never received treatment, and POCs who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Donald Trump has never done anything besides be himself. He didn't elect himself president. He didn't change one iota when he became president. He never did anything out of character or surprising.

He NEVER does anything illegal.

He orders other people to do it. How was he to know they would break the law to do it?

annnnnnnnnd under the bus they go....

I suspect Asperger's syndrome.

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