The Arizona audit was not an official recount and cannot change the results of the election.
and yet ... every Trump supporter believes Maricopa will be the first domino to fall and thus result in "reinstatement" of Trump as the rightful occupant of the WH.

Clearly it will result in blatant dissonance between what Fann has said and what the law says and what Trump supporters believe. Now the kicker .... as you said state legislatures are the rightful arbiter of voting procedures. So what would prevent the AZ legislature to write a bill which would overturn the certification? The basis? .... the overwhelming belief their constituents believe there was fraud .... despite the "fact" (from 3 recounts and a fake audit/recount) there was no fraud found.

You should be hearing musical strains from the song, "The world turned upside down". Democracy is dead ... turn in your citizenship papers and pledge fealty to THE TRUMP.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty