"why are the Trumpsters determined to kill off their own citizens AND their children?"

---Two reasons:

1. They still think that the virus is a weapon that they can control. They still don't get that they're playing the ED 209 scene from Robocop.

2. Since it's clear that they think this "weapon" can be controlled, killing off some of their people is worth it if they can point and accuse Biden of not beating the virus.

ED 209 and the virus happen to think otherwise.

They clapped for death at CPAC

"Jesus H. Christ...
Put any other common-sense measure in place of vaccination. Pretend this guy is up there boasting about how many more people are disregarding drunk-driving laws these days, and think about what that applause would mean. Celebrating low vaccination rates is actually worse, more selfish and less responsible; drunk drivers kill people, but they don't spread their high BAC level to the other drivers on the road and send them off to kill more people."

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