Oh, the state that seems to be banning ALL vaccines (covid, flu, whooping cough, etc) was Tennessee. One of my main wonderings is why in the world the Dems haven't called out the Trumpers as the party of death, or even the party of teen ager death (might encourage them to get vaccinated, with, or without their parents). Apparently a couple did just that which started it all in Tennessee.

Given the simple fact that those getting infected, right now, are them that have not been vaccinated (at least the vast majority). One would think that anybody with half a brain would choose to get vaccinated.

Oh, now they have a new Covid variant called Delta Plus. They are currently testing it to see if those already vaccinated still have immunity. Sounds like those of us vaccinated should probably plan on a boost. This will, of course, continue until the anti-vaxxers are either dead or converted so everybody can get immunity. (I am not holding my breath on that one as they are much more interested in beating the evil non-Trumpers than dying for him).

My vaccine was Moderna. Here is what they have to say about a booster: