Trump supporters believe a lot of things
yes ... Trump supporters willingly suspend their disbelief as an act of faith and fealty to the Savior of America.

That doesn't make them true
welllll ... they could become true.

Sen Wendy Rogers has called for a recall of Biden electors and for a new election ... one based on truth .... ( and one where Trump wins). Since AZ Senators have voted to conduct a fake audit and recount using a 3rd party, what is to prevent them from passing legislation which overturns the past election. Republicans control the AZ legislature and they have a willing governor.

Of course there is no redress in any court, but that did not stop MAGA rally goers to overrun the Capitol and stop proceedings. These folks are completely delusional. If you showed them evidence there was no fraud, they would respond by saying they saw boxes under the table .... meaning it was obvious fraud.

The point is not they have legal recourse but they have an army of delusional people willing to overthrow the government. Gen Milley was concerned to the point he considered scenarios to prevent an armed coup by Trump .... did I just type those words???? am I not in America???

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty