Now that I am back, I've been busy with work and closing escrow on a house. The house is literally three houses from the beach. I'm at a higher elevation than my two neighbors as well. The rising oceans will need to wipe-out these two properties, before I'll have beach-front property.


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You must hang out in better places than I do. Never got anything like that the last time I was in Chicago! Did get to see the coal mine in the Museum of Science and Industry. My dad and my wife's mother were both from the greater Chicago area, so she still has some family there.
I just Googled Chicago breakfast and Chicago dinner, read the menus of the restaurants that came-up in Google and decided where to eat. Hmm

Places where I ate:

Had the West Coast Crepes with cheesy grits

The Dearborn
One night I had the buttermilk chicken with maple glaze, mashed pots, and sauteed brussels sprouts (sauteed brussel sprouts, pumpkin seeds, mustard vinegarette, parm cheese)
Another night: Had the Dearborn burger and truffle fries

Wildberry Cafe
Had the Napa Valley Fig omlette with Blueberry Danish speciality pancake instead of toast.


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