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The only time I was in Chicago was to visit a violin making school to sell some spruce tonewood to the students. Also went to a wedding in Oak Park?

It was a long time ago on a road trip with a pickup load of Montana rednecks. I don't remember if we had any good food, but I do recall us singing a rendition of "Another One Bites The Dust" at the reception.
Chicago is a great city, contrary to what Conservatives have to say about it. Michigan AV is pretty. The east side of the street is all green-belt and museums. Lots and lots and lots of museums.

The west side of the street are the fancy hotels and stores.

As a side note, Trump's Chicago Tower isn't even on Michaigan AV. It's on Wabash - one street west of MIchigan AV. It's like the difference between Broadway and off-Broadway. Guess Trump isn't that rich after all.

I stayed at a hotel in-between State and Wasbash - so I was 1.5 blocks from Michigan AV. One day I was walking to Michigan AV and I was standing in the middle of Wabash and I looked North and saw "TRUM" (no P). Is that the Trump Tower I thought? It was.

You couldn't see the "P" in Trump until you were 1.5 blocks from the building. I was probably 12 blocks from the building, initially. The letters are at least 5' tall. Why wouldn't you move the word Trump to the left about 4' so you can see "Trump" from 12 blocks away? Hmm

...just goes to show how things like this lack of attention to detail is why Trump is an incompetent failure in life. Seriously! rolleyes

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