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re: CPAC

Conservatism is a dying political and moral philosophy. Politically because they have no goals, plans, or platform other than to make rich white males even richer.

Morally, because conservatives support lies detrimental to our democracy (insurrectionists framed as tourists out on a stroll), health and welfare to others (anti-vaxxers), plus their rabid racism and bigotry are just such turn-offs in the 2020s.


It may indeed be dying however it's still a wealthy enough slice to engineer a whole lot more death before it disintegrates.
Whoever talked about a class action suit was thinking in the right direction, because the kind of nonsense we're seeing right now couldn't be possible without a lot of help from the CPAC/anti-vax media powerhouse networks and all the wealthy anti-vax donors who profit off this disaster.

Did you know that R.F. Kennedy Jr. is now suing DailyKOS?

What's next, OAN suing Dr. Fauci?

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