I suppose we could stop subverting nature with man-made stuff like clothes and houses. We could all move to the tropics and walk around naked, hunting and gathering.

That scenario is entirely possible as our infrastructure crumbles, crops fail and weather changes. The piddling little pandemic we are dealing with will be followed by more, just as the hurricanes, droughts, floods and fires are always followed by more and worse.

I just saw that one of California's de-sal plants is being threatened by the collapse of the land it is built on due to sea level rise...

“The combination of erosion and sea level rise is what’s going to do in much of the San Diego County coast. It makes sense, considering you have a lot of high-value property sitting up on those cliffs.”

Ultimately, infrastructure, including houses, roads and rail lines, entire city blocks, and possibly even a desalination plant and a decommissioned nuclear-power plant, will have to be moved. Homeowners in the region have balked at the term managed retreat, but regardless of what it’s called, some kind of community relocation will have to happen
From The Atlantic

It's a lot more than weather reverting to previous norms. It's a whole new deal. And it will be unrelenting. I've heard that it's actually God's Wrath being rained down upon us because of the Gay Agenda.

It's pretty nice down here in the (sub)tropics. It's been a coolish summer with lots of rain.

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