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I would not be too surprised if it gets a few congresspeople kicked out or even prosecuted. I heard one of them was using her cell phone to tell insurrectionists where Nancy Pelosi was hiding. If the insurrectionists committed crimes, directing them was a crime as well.

I want to draw myself a mental picture of how the "kicking out process" actually works.
That's because I am convinced that it can't work, McCarthy will just freeze it out and the two or three Dems in Name Only will vote against any such thing because they think it would destroy "bipartisanship"...same reason they won't move on even reforming the filibuster.
And forget Republicans helping, even if they're for it. They see what happens to honest conservatives of principle.

And let's not forget, Trump's Senators have blood on their hands, too.
They see what happens in the House, they know the cannon gets aimed at them next.
Mitch isn't having any of that and I am sure his best friends Manchin and Sinema will protect the Senate from the wheels of justice.
Bipartisanship, ya know? :doh:

Of course the insurrectionists committed crimes.
140 of them should never have even been sworn in.
That's happened before...I think during the runup to the Civil War, a bunch of congress critters were simply shown the door, yes?

Uh oh...."do we want another civil war, Jeffy?"
Of course not. I don't want one, you probably don't either.
But it's coming, whether we want it or not.
It's coming because it already started, on January 6, 2021.
And the idea of stopping it and turning things around is about as realistic as stopping peristalsis after several cans of beans.
And Trump's been rolling that beautiful bean footage for six years now.

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