a kind of authoritarian boilerplate that functions whether Trump is alive or dead.

That remains to be seen.

He's only 6 months out of office and as near as I can tell the movement is floundering. They are not converting new members nor attracting new voters. Covid is now, almost exclusively killing Republicans.

While the majority of Republicans might believe Biden is an illegitimate president, they don't have any evidence to back that up...

And the majority of Americans know that it's just boolsheet.

As far as after he is dead? He will be remembered by most as a dangerous buffoon. By history, as an abject failure as a president and human being. His followers will be seen as maddened cultists, willing to believe anything in support of their guru.

Authoritarian boilerplate, however, will not go away.

These are the TEA Party folks. Formerly John Birchers in thrall to McCarthyism. These are the folks who beat John Lewis and fought civil rights. These are the Klansmen in thrall to George Wallace. These are the slavers, the exploiters, the Tories who fought for King George during the revolution. They are visible throughout history. Always supporting brutal authoritarianism in support of their own greed and entitlement.

Because their movement is so destructive, so divisive, and so obviously unsustainable, I think we will be able to reduce their numbers back into the fringes where they belong over the next few decades. But they will ALWAYS exist.

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