The Democrats are experiencing yet another attack of their progressive wing. This time they have decided to wreck the infrastructure thing by insisting that they have their way, in all things. Oh, and on the way, put another nail in the coffin of the Democratic party for next year.

If one is a Democrat one would think that party might have some with power to tamp that one down, and REALLY start to work on next year's election (of which the tamping would be one, probably important part). The real trick, in our political system, is to gain ownership of both the Senate and the House. If they can do that THEN they can start trying for the moon. Right now they should a plan not designed to turn off the entire voting middle. Anybody thinks they have even a slight chance, right now, for their needs, wants, and wins would be, I think, an expert in wishful thinking.

Think about it. Wouldn't be nice if the Dems understood that the whims of the progressive Dems and had the capacity to sit them down and explain that if they didn't win the Senate AND the house with more than 1 to 10 votes then whatever they wanted would be forever out of their ability to get ANYTHING done! Now think about the entire Democratic party agreeing on the basic messages of the entire party. Doesn't mean no local stuff - just a demonstration of their capacity, and their ability, to outclass the loons of the right. That would include an educational effort for some of the slower victims of Trump. The Right has been working, very hard to make sure the Dems recognize but they just can't seem to grasp the importance of what they are given, that their opponents just keep on demonstrating their capacity to lie, to cheat, to rebel, and dote of a man who has one the award as the Very Worst President and Businessman that America has ever produced, and run with it!

Unfortunately the Dems just can't seem to come together in any meaningful way. Most the the talking heads of TV think that and the Dems are losing and the Dems just keep on reinforcing that.

One can only hope but, so far, they have done a magnificent job of shooting the hell out of their own feet. They gotta start understanding they have win to succeed and fairy tales and wishful thinking just isn't gonna cut it.