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Thee seems to be some confusion. My basic thesis for the Democrats to win before they start running their mouths with desires, dreams, and all the rest - then have at it! If they were serious they would get it. Some, I guess, feel its more important to run their mouths rather than actually doing something.

Oh, I forgot the latest security moves of the Dens. In several places they have stopped bail after arrests if the person arrested is 'poor'. Then, because there is no legal way to hold the arrested they are turned loose. Apparently the Seattle authorities have now release 8 murderers because, after arrest, they were deemed 'poor'. Any an interesting aside it kind has the voters wondering about this particular insanity of the noisy left. Yet another clever move to make sure they don't win an electin! Well done!

Its kinda interesting - BOTH sides have clever ways to do absolutely NOTHING!

I was under the impression that bail reform of that kind only applied to misdemeanors, and that crimes like murder did not qualify.
What drove the move on bail was the fact that there was a glut of people who had already spent more time in jail than the max sentence for their misdemeanors just waiting for trial, because they couldn't afford to get bailed out.

Where did you read this?

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