A friend told me that one and the chances he is wrong are strong - I think. Still, the mess was serious about the poor in jail and I agreed to that. However, Seattle has been simply letting almost all arrests out as soon as possible and that includes those who have doing violent things, long records of bad, etc. One would have thought they would think it all through and make specific conditions for release. That did not happen and has not happened.

I have a daughter that works in an attorney office. They tend to talk about this stuff and, apparently, this was not thought through by them that did it. Its a little like the Seattle Council member (now gone) who publicly stated that it was ok for the poor to steal because they were poor and should never be arrested. OH, the results of stuff like this is a continuing exit of members of the Seattle police department - they are just giving up. Unfortunately I think the rule of the left will just go away because this stuff - they seem to be working pretty hard at making sure of this one.

There are sins and the worst political sin is going to extremes and we are seeing more and more of that and that's also unfortunate.