I won't venture a forecast on the House until redistricting is completed.

Yeah...forecast is too big a word for any conjecture we might have at this point.

Historically speaking, democrats stand to lose big, so if they do anything better than lose big it can be considered in a positive light.

You have to deal with individual districts, I only have to follow the trends.
The trend right now is not towards returning Trump to power, yet Republican voters insist their elected officials kowtow to his every murmur. Republican strategists aren't happy about their chances of re-taking the house or senate if current voter demands prevail.

So mostly I'm thinking that things might not go as badly for democrats as they could in 2022.

Biden is wisely avoiding doing "too much" and Congress is largely avoiding doing anything at all. That should keep independent voters sewed up and reap rewards in future elections.

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