The big question is will that benefit drop down to democratic congressional candidates? It didn't in Nov 2020.

2020 saw a massive surge in Trump protectionism from the Republican base. Republican turnout was impressive and overpowered Democrats in a lot of close races.

Overall, it was not enough to keep the presidency and Senate or take back the House. A normal election would have seen Trump re-elected and massive Republican losses in Congress. 2020 was anything but normal.

2016 was pretty strange too. Are "normal elections" a thing of the past?

Biden is a cagey old politico and is very aware of his party doing too much with the Affordable Care Act. He's being very careful and while his caution is anathema to my personal political agenda, it is most likely the best thing for the nation at this time.

And I'm thinking that, yes, the benefit of not being a Trumpy idiot and conspiracy theorist is going to play well among the majority of voters in 2022.

I'm also thinking that if we hand Congress back over to them for a couple of years it will increase the chances of Democratic gains in 2024...

There will come a time when the libs are tired of getting owned and take their weary asses down to the polls to do some owning of their own.

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