I thought I would update the lambda variant. They are now saying that its as bad as the current bad but also may be resistant to current vaccines. For some reason this is being ignored by the media but I have faith.

Here is a quote: "The lambda variant carries a number of mutations with suspected implications, such as potential increased transmissibility or possible increased resistance to neutralizing antibodies, the WHO says. But it says the full extent of those mutations' impact isn't yet well understood and will need further study."

This is what they have been saying all along. We are also being told its not to pervasive. If history means anything give it another week or two and then we will have one that is even more likely to infect that the current one and may also be able to mess with our current crop of vaccines. Betcha boosters are going to become VERY popular soon!

Given that we seem to be getting a new, more powerful, more lethal variant every month or so and this will continue until we all get vaccinated then, when that happens I can see a brand new vaccine also coming on the market as well. Given that each new variant seems more catchable, and more deadly, one can only image what we are going to end up with.

We, basically, need to give full thanks to the anti-vaxxers who have been working, most diligently, to make sure that we will continue to be dealing with variants into the future until they manage to have killed themselves off.

Google "lamda variant", goto tools and set the time to last 24 hours for latest and greatest.