The simple fact is that we are in a pandemic for the anti-vaccer. If you are not vaccinated then your chances of being in a hospital is pretty good. All the rest is bla, bla, bla People love to feel bad about people dying. However, if its not part of a family or a friend who really cares? What we have here are thousands getting bad covid and many of those actually dying and we know, deep down, that is shameful and sad. However, on the other side are those that have been vaccinated, do not understand why everybody should have done the sale thing and find it very difficult to get too upset with folks who have been told what to do, suggested what to do, been bribed to do the right thing, and begged, by virtually any and all leaders, to take the damned vaccine!

I have decided that I am guilty of all of the above, as one who has been vaccinated. My only real concern is when they are going to come up with a booster for those of us who have now been vaccinated for over 6 months and are old. Given what experts are saying its time, right now! Sorry, my greed for my life is on a kindofa straight track.

I am also told, as one of the vaccinated, that I am somehow responsible for the anti-vaxxers and need to wear a mask all the time to save their collective butts. That is, as far as I can tell what its all about! The vaccinated are now responsible for the anti-vaccers. Sorry, not buying that one. They seem determined to not only make sure they get covid but also that their children get it and be killed by it! I feel bad about that but they are the responsible ones, not those of us that have been vaccinated!

I also wonder if the governor of Florida is actually going to send his kids into schools without a mask.