Oh, we are, I'm afraid going to be entertained whilst the house Dems stop the infrastructure thing which will give them the win in the elections next year. The Republicans will go after the Dems by pointing out that they stopped the deal which would have fixed their streets, bridges, etc. and they will be telling the absolute truth. I really don't want this to happen but they are gearing up, bigtime, to prove their point which, apparently, is that they will sacrifuce any and everything to prove their determination to get EVERYTHING they want or nobody gets anything.

Pelosi will try to rein them in but, I fear, its a lost cause. I can actually get even worse in that before the house Dems are through they will also get rid of the filibuster so when the Republicans take both the house and the senate they will be able, basically, to do any damned thing they want and the only thing stopping them will be Biden.

I REALLY hope none of that is going to happen!