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I've come to the conclusion that if we're going to get an infrastructure bill, it will be the one the senate just passed. .

The progressives will get what they want in the other infrastructure bill. Bernie and AOC are on it. smile


I dunno where JGW gets the notion that progressives are uncompromising. We have compromised on every single issue!

We expect to compromise on every issue in the future.

It is moderates who are unwilling to compromise. Moderates either want to do nothing at all or want to do too little to solve the problem at hand.

It was not wild-eyed leftist extremists who got us where we are today...

It was steady moderate governance. Never swinging more than a degree or two to the left or right.

I'm good with the Senate bill. I'm also good with the Squad threatening to vote against it on principle. Oddly enough...this is how compromise works. Each faction seeks to advance its position without giving up too much in the bargain.

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