Does anyone remember the main reason the 13 tribe Northern Alliance were fighting the Taliban in the first place? Each tribe is fiercely independent, wanting to be ruled over by their own tribal elders and religious folks. Not by someone from an outside tribe. The Taliban were trying to rule over all the tribes of Afghanistan, rule by one tribe, one man.

Sure, we were after UBL and AQ as the reason we went in and became involved. We fought a very smart war to begin with. With a few SF and paramilitary folks on the ground letting the Afghani do the ground fighting, using our air power, we drove the Taliban, AQ, UBL into the mountains on the Pakistani Border.

Then we began this thing called Nation Building. Guess what? We decided to force a form of government on the Afghans that they didn't want. All the tribes of the Northern Alliance wanted was to return to their tribal homeland, be ruled over by their own tribal elders and religious folks. Not to be ruled over by another tribe or a leader from another tribe.

The short story is we didn't let the Afghani decide what form of government they wanted, we decided for them. This caused many of the original 13 tribes of the Northern Alliance who were once our staunch allies to desert us and begin to fight us and the government we set up. Not the Afghan's, but we.

there's a heck of a lot more in this story. More than a book's worth. Have no doubt that once the Taliban is back in control, AQ and ISIS will return to their original training ground.

Did Biden make a mistake, someone had to decide to end this affair even though I'm positive it will mean we return in different ways to take on AQ and ISIS again along with the Taliban. AQ and ISIS will give us plenty of reasons to return.

The mistake was nation building, we deciding that Democracy would be the Afghans form of government. Not letting the Afghani decide what form of government on their own. Could Biden take a huge hit on the withdrawal. Certainly, especially when AQ and ISIS return and begin launching terrorist attacks. Biden will be blamed. The blame should rest on those who decided to force a type of government on the Afghani's that they didn't want and were willing to fight against. And yes, to join the Taliban to get rid of this unwanted type of government.

After the smart war, without nation building there was a simple way to ensure the Taliban, ISIS and AQ didn't return without a hundred thousand troops on the ground.. That's another story for another day.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.