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Did Biden make the right call, or did he make a big mistake?

I don't think ending a war is ever a bad thing. Especially a decades-long failed occupation.

Any nation-building that gets done needs to be done by Afghanis. Chances are the Taliban will take over, there will be armed rebellions and the Tribes will split again. Folks are gonna suffer either way, but at least they will be suffering at the hands of their own countryman instead of Americans.

In the end the Taliban still need to do business.
Their ability to do business will always be impacted to some degree by what kind of people they are.
Even if they shut out the entire free world, eventually they will need to buy stuff and make stuff.
Let's suppose they tie their fortunes to China, even the most jaded Chinese tycoon is going to likely be taken aback at the thought of what the Taliban's extremism may do to his fortunes.

The herd all gather at a common watering hole, and if a couple of herd members keep giving the rest of the herd the stinkeye, they will eventually become less welcome. You can't bring a Kimodo Dragon to the watering hole and expect the rest of the herd to see you as anything but an enemy.

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