As I've been reading this, the nine moderates want the House to vote on the infrastructure bill first, then the budget second as they're two separate bills. Without the vote on the infrastructure bill first, they won't vote for the budget. The progressives want the vote on the budget first before the infrastructure bill as they tied their vote for the infrastructure bill, for or against based on the budget passing first.

It seems for the moderates, it's vote on the infrastructure first and if not, a no vote on the budget. For progressives, it a vote on the budget first or a no vote on infrastructure.

Anyway, from what I've been reading the battle is over which bill goes first. Each side tying their vote for or against on the second bill being decided whether their bill goes first or second.

I had a problem with word kill at first, but perhaps you're right. Moderates will kill the budget if the infrastructure bill doesn't get voted on first, the progressives will kill the infrastructure bill if the budget doesn't get voted on first. At least that is gist of what I've been reading.

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